Hi there

I design about 80% of the window drawings in the shop, but in May 2017 I started with collections from other brands, to make the assortment more diverse (there’s only so much I can do). It has become a fun mix of big brands and small illustrators, check over here who (went before you).

What a collaboration entails is that you grant Window drawing a license for non-exclusive use of the designs for % of the sales (stated on the agreement). Note! The shop sells printable designs that people print at home and trace with a chalk maker, these are not physical products.

Let’s break it down

• Raamtekening.nl/Windowdrawing.com creates non-exclusive use of the design for printables. You will of course keep the copyright and that will credited on everything: photos, product description, printables, promotion on social media, etcetera. Where possible you’ll also be tagged and/or a clickable link included.
• Raamtekening.nl/Windowdrawing.com will be exclusive in selling the designs are window drawing printables. So you’re not suppose to offer it to your own or another window drawing shop.
• We start with a collection of 5 to 10 designs and we both like it, we can expand.
• You will receive you % of the sales each quarter.
• The agreement is for a year with tacit renewal, but can be canceled by both parties via email at any time.
• If you like, you can receive the printables so you can draw it on your own window or give as gift to someone. Pictures of this are great, as I can use them to promote and as examples in the shop.
• Promotion on your own social media channels is appreciated but not required (to do on a regular base).


I, as the shop owner, will promote the window drawings (on social media) and when possible, you and your products too. For example, like I did with the Happy Autumn leaves window drawing by Teken-ing. At the bottom of the page you can find a link to the products in her shop.

There’s also a private group on FB for the designers. Here I post requests from customers, general questions and news. Very practical for me and a good network opportunity for you.

What I’m trying to say is that we as small business need to help each other. When you’re doing better, it’ll translate to my shop too and vice versa.


• Preferably vector files, but if that’s not possible high quality JPG’s (300 dpi) also work.
• There’s no specific stroke width you have to use, here’s an example vector-file to give you an idea of what I’ve done myself.
• No full color designs, I need black-and-white files.
• I’ll turn the design into the printables for the shop, download an example to see what it looks like.
• Depending on the quantity and size, you can email them (info@raamtekening.nl) or use WeTransfer.
• To add you to the brands page, I’ll need your logo (with name included) 500 x 500 px PNG/JPG.

Design tips

• Populair themes are the holidays (like, this will be 60% of your income from the website), but after that baby, quotes, birthday and designs for kids. 
• Try to think in outlines, not shapes. It’s fine if some parts are filled, but most people don’t do that so you’re design will look different.
• Your design doesn’t have to be filled, people have different sized windows and the design has to fit on all of them.


• The printables are PDF’s, but first turned into 72dpi JPG’s so they’re not original vector files.
• Copyright is mentioned on every page:

• Large size drawings are distributed over multiple pages.
• No black-and-white pictures of the drawing are shared online (of other designers, I sometimes share WIP of myself), so people can’t print, enlarge and copy them. Just example pictures, including ©:

I think that’s about it. Anything unclear? Send me a message.
Have a great day,